Trellis Against a block wall

serakiJuly 6, 2007

Hello all, I'm researching different options in trellising my veggies right now. My garden will be 3ft deep, in a L-shape around a corner in my back yard.

I am trying to figure the best way to trellis up against the block wall. If I use something that goes in the center, it will be very difficult getting behind it due to the layout. Would a wood trellice (or plastic?) leaned up against the block work?

Even something strung up, though just at the backside of the garden? (mesh, wire, etc?)

Honestly, and ideas are welcome right now.

Oh, and please excuse my diagram. I never said I was an artist!!! :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have a concrete wall too. I read a suggestion I liked using wood lattice. If I can find it again, I will post the picture but I will do my best to explain the concept.

First, you make a frame out of wood. Maybe 1x2 or 2x2 -- whatever you have on hand. Nail or screw the lattice on to this. Set aside.

On the wall, attach two strips of wood (again either 1x2 or 2x2) so that the run up and down on the wall. On one side, attached hinges. Then attach the other part of the hinge to the trellis framework. Basically you have made a trellis "door" on the wall.

Now you need hook and eye hardware. On the other strip, attach the hook part and to the door attach the eye part. The door will stay closed when you want it flat against the wall and have latched the hook and eye together.

You could also arrange it so the lattice door has the hinges on the top or on the bottom, but you'd have to change the strip pieces to run across the wall accordingly. The book had the hinge going across the top -- which I assume is so the door, even if not latched, will hang down closed.

Then you can just grow your things up the lattice, and at the end of the season "open" the doors to fish out plant debris and/or clean or paint the wall.


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