Strange white holes in Tom leaves

beanloafJune 2, 2007


I transplanted my tomato seedlings almost 2 weeks ago and they seemed to be doing well. Over the past week the leaves have started turning yellow and developing small white spots on them. Now the spots are turning into holes! I thought that I had hardened them off fairly well and the soil is dry in between waterings, but I also have been watering daily, often twice. My summer squash is doing the same thing! The past two years I haven't had any problems (but also grew everythingfrom seed). Is this some sort of blight or just sunburn? Thank you so much in advance!! (Sorry - camera is temporarily MIA.)

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The saga continues: I found a weed that is having the identical problem. When I flipped it over, it had some small, green almost translucent egg-shaped insects (or were they eggs?). I think this may be the tomato culprit. Does anyone know what they are, what to do about them and if they will destroy my potential bounty? Thank you again!!

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