What creature is eating my tomatoes?

BurgeoningGardenerJune 4, 2011

Hi fellow gardeners,

I am planting tomatoes in Savannah, GA for the first time, and I have managed to get beautiful, tall and wonderful tomato plants over 2 ft tall. The plants have started to bear and produced huge beefy tomatoes. However, something has been devouring my crop! The bites are fresh which leads me to believe this feast occurs in early morning. I suspect squirrels are the culprits but I am not certain

Could you please help me identify these creatures? Also, if you could provide any remedies to protect what is left of our crop, I would greatly appreciate it!

Here is a link to the pics: https://picasaweb.google.com/WatsonLegacy/GardenWoes?authkey=Gv1sRgCNWFw4uA7aWk6wE#

Thank you!

Image link:

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No sign of caterpillars or droppings and none of the leaves are eaten. Whatever it is eats the green tomatoes. I have tried sprinkling cayenne pepper on the tomatoes, tying them up with pantyhose and nothing is working at this point :(

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I am having similar problems,
But here the varmint waits for the tomatoes to ripen.

I bought a granular repellant,
And used cayenne pepper.
Neither worked.
So yesterday I got 2 traps from the county.

I baited them with a ripe tomato.
Didn't get anything last night.

I'm really thinking the culprit(s)
Here are 'Possums.
I came on here looking to see if anyone had any ideas
As to how to get rid of them,
And saw your post.

I'll also looking for a more sure-fire bait for them.
To me, baiting with tomato made sense,
As that is what they were after.

I'll be watching this thread
To see what others think.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The sharp raggedy edges of the damage look like bird damage. But I've not seen it that extensive previously.
Perhaps some one will comment about squirrel damage.

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