Deer and rabbit repellent

IgardenerA(4)July 6, 2011

Hello, I just built a 16 square foot garden today but do not know if I should waste my time and fuss with the fence or not. What would work? We have liquid fence. And the cheapo nylon stuff. Deer and rabbits are the concern. It will be within 5 feet of the house. Thank you in advance!

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rabbit will chew through cheapo plastic fence
liquid fence washes away when it rains.
you need "repel all" by shotgun.

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If you have deer & rabbits around it's definitely worth the time & fuss to build an attractive fence to keep them out! You'll spend more time and $ replanting things if you don't.

I've seen some attractive removable sides or cages on boxes. My plantings always seem to grow out overlapping edges, so I've not tried them.

We have deer & rabbits with discriminating tastes to prefer strawberries, raspberries, & pole beans. On occasion lettuces have been devoured, but not usually. T-posts with 2 layers of the white electric fencing tape has stopped most of the browsing even though it's not hooked up. Someday, we'll figure out a way to get electricity safely across the driveway to where we garden in the forest clearing.

The sprays stink & you'd smell them for sure so close to your home.

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I have had decent success with the fishing line fence, and it's pretty cheap. Get 4 poles or stakes, and put outside the 4 corners of your garden, you might need 5 poles. Run clear fishing line (I used 10 Lb) at 4-6" intervals from just above the ground to about 5 Ft. When animals come in for a snack, they hit the line fence and can't see it so it spooks them. Like a bug getting stuck in a spiders web almost, only you don't stick them, allthough it would be a nice option.

Why I said you would need 5 poles is because you need to leave a small opening for yourself to get through. It would be doubtful that the animals could find it consistently, since they can't see the fence to begin with. I would only make it like 16" wide.

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