ok i got a queston!!

medontdo(8)July 20, 2008

i'm getting my hands on some manuer!! LOL and BOY am i happy!! you donn't know how estatic i am!! so i'm wanting to mix the vermiculite in with that, in my beds, that i'm FINALLY getting together!! WOOHOO!! ok, now i know that mostly i won't be able to use this for a while anyhow, so i finally got my compost tumbler made so i will have 1 going, tabor and i are gonna be working on the other one next week. the last one will be for my strawberry tower. ok back to my point. can i use the other 1/3 compost?? i won't be able to have peat, using money to get the vermiculite will be a strain enough. LOL so answers please LOL (you do know, i'm just totally being very onery right!! LOL)

also, i am planning on using plastic on the bottom of these beds, i have quack grass, and in my yard it grows right on up thru the 10 layers of newpapers someone told me to use, so i was thinking on useing this. so what do ya think of that?? no holes, i figure the excess water will drain thru the boards and under the bottom. (of my uneven yard!! LOL) whatchya think on that note also?? is it ok? i really don't want to spend all that money on the one stuff but plastic is something i have alot of!! when i had the money i did buy the roll of 100x10? ft of 6ml plastic from lowes plus my mom is a trucker and she gets rolls of plastic and i got a few so i have plenty!! LOL


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sinfonian(U8b A2 S5 SeaWA)

Not sure how well plastic will drain (it won't, but it may eventually run through cracks in the bed bottoms). I know it's an expense, but if your grass will grow through paper (and cardboard), try landscape fabric. That's what I use.

As for the dirt mix, fresh manure needs to be composted to insure that it doesn't burn plants. Also, one source of compost is 4 less than Mel recommends, but use what you've got. Though you may want to try some lasagna techniques to compost in some free coffee grounds from Starbucks (get as much as you can, I'd say two bags per layer of compost plus some shredded newspaper would help. Maybe some grass clippings thrown in for good measure. Sure it's work, but make it gardening fun and your plants will love it. Or better yet, mix it all in your new tumbler and let it do it's thing over a few weeks and then use it in your beds.

Peat moss and vermiculate are optional, but recommended. Getting some of both could work, or one or the other. Folks here have had success with all combinations.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinfonian's garden adventure!

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ok, i think i can swing that! i just looked it up in the lowes.com. LOL now i have to pass it by hubs!! LOL although i know i'll have to do one or the other, LOL ya, we live in a tiny town, so no starbucks here, LOL but maybe i can give them tea grounds?? now i have lots of access to that!! ummmm i drink LOTS of it!! LOL and we do the grass clippings, my son gets irritated cuz i make him do the push mower just for my "mulch" LOL i told him, well, it could be worse, i could make you mow the whole 3 lots by push!! its one of those self propelled, so i give him the back in my day we didn't have them there kinda mowers!! LOL ~Medo

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notice you live in kansas. if you use plastic on the bottom of your bed and we have any more rains like we've had this year, your bed will fill up with water like a bathtub. an alternative to consider is putting the black plastic down for a month or so in the heat of the summer and killing the quack grass. It gets hot enough to do that if you'll do it in july. once you get it under control, you can use newspaper or cardboard which will drain better.

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Melissa Houser

Medonto, Peat moss isn't that expensive, but I would probably put my money towards finding alternate sources of compost. I've used chicken and horse manure in my compost this year, plus I found a local source for kangaroo poo. Mix that in with the black kow and mushroom composts I purchased from Low*e's and I've got my five, or will ahve as soon as my compost finishes cooking.

I'd put down the black plastic and see if you can't kill the quack grass under your bed OR, if you have access to some scrap lumber, plywood, etc, then make a bottom for your bed. Put black plastic underneath the whole bed, not inside the bed, then the gaps in the lumber or plywood would allow the bed to drain.

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sounds good to me, i will have to do that. thank you all for your advice!! and yes them rains have been something this year haven't they!! LOL but i've been prepared, and havent lost my garden so far!! LOL ~Medo

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

Medo - here's what I would do, concerning the drainage problem. Since your location is already uneven, I would lay the plastic down to kill the quack grass, then put at least 6 inches of gravel down on top of that (of course it will be higher than this on the low end - to make it level)Then I would construct my box as I wanted it, and fill it up with your growing medium.


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ok, we have lots of that around and i can get it free, LOL
i'm hopefully getting some logs for my beds, i'll have to get with my neighbor again to make sure!! LOL and when i'm done i get some MORE poo!! YAY!!! i'll compost that and i saw he has pigs and goats, this poo is goat and horse, so sometime i'm gonna ask him about the pig, i have a neighbor that has chickens, but would that be too much nitrogen or when its all composted is it ok then?? ~Medo

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

medo- i'm very good at building things, but am certainly not a certified poo guy.LOL Get it? I'm not the pool guy....oh, nevermind....Anyway, there are more qualified people on here about the nitrogen levels of various animal fecal waste. Was the drainage problem advice pretty clear? Or do you still have questions? Take care


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LOL ya i got it!! LOL and yes your explanation was very good!! thank you very much!! ~Medo

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