Anyone have any extra plants near Murfreesboro?

decohouse(6b-7)April 18, 2009

I was wondering if anyone had any extra tomato or pepper plants near Murfreesboro. I wasn't able to get any started this year due to having surgery on my hand and not being able to do much with it (and fearful of getting it dirty).

Do you think it's way too late to start some now? I know they'd be either really really late getting out in the garden or super small when I put them out, but I'd be willing to chance it.

I could just buy some, but was hoping for some heirloom tomatoes and peppers of name, not just generic Walmart varieties. I have lots of seed, but just didn't get them planted.



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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

You might want to go by Home Depot and see what they have. Last year, our Home Depot had many varieties including some heirlooms.

You would miss a good chunk of the season if you started tomatoes by seed this late.

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Carol: I have quite a few extra pepper plants this year & maybe one or two tomato plants I could give you. The peppers are Jalapeno Early Organic & Serrano. They are still kind of small (3-4 inches tall & 4-8 leaves), but starting the "take-off" stage and will be a good size come early May when they'd need to go in the ground. I can give you one San Marzano Organic & one Early Girl Hybrid tomato plant. They are about 5 inches tall right now and should be a good foot or more tall in a few weeks when they're ready to go outside. I live in Hermitage, but work in LaVergne, I could bring them to work and you can stop by & pick them up. Just let me know.

- Steve

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Thanks so much! What hours do you work? Hubby comes to LaVergne every other Friday to pick up his son. Is usually there about 4 I think. Or if you work weekends, I'm off and could come by.

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deco: Sorry I haven't responded yet. I caught a pretty bad allergy-based cold this past weekend. I can probably give you 1 or 2 pepper plants. They are popular & going I can give you a San Marzano Organic tomato plant & an Early Girl Hybrid tomato plant also. I'll have to check and see what else I have available as I don't quite remember right have medicine head. =) Anyways, it may not be much, but it will be a good start! Your hubby can swing by my work this Friday to pick up the plants, if that's ok with you. ttyl...

- Steve

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