Please help with pests and other problems

jellytoastJune 6, 2013

I have a "Better Boy" tomato plant in a raised bed that is doing very poorly. The leaves are all turning yellow at the bottom center of the plant and the upper leaves are curling and turning purple on the bottom. They have been fertilized regularly and the plant next to it (Roma) looks perfectly fine. I determined that perhaps I wasn't watering deeply enough and have adjusted that accordingly.

This morning I discovered a worm burrowing into a fruit. A hole at the bottom reveals that he wasn't the only one. I applied BT.

I'm pretty discouraged as this is my first time growing tomatoes and they started off so nicely. It has been a never-ending battle fighting off the variety of pests ... first aphids, then psyllids, and now these worms.

Can anyone identify these worms for me?

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Looks like an army worm.

Here is a Bonide pesticide bug chart:

The link below is about the army worm.

Here is a link that might be useful: Armyworm, Southern

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