You gotta see this (ie. HELP!)

mantawaveJune 3, 2009

My plants were doing great up until about 2 weeks ago.

They were growing normally, then their stalks went berserk and curved down or sideways and got woody. ...and those bumpy growths coming out of the split stem are downright Alien looking. Disgusting.

There are very few blossoms and the fruits from them don't seem to grow.

The leaves are lush though. This I don't understand.

We composted last winter.

& I put crushed egg shells in the holes I dug because I heard that would give the plants Calcium.

We water as we are supposed to (i think). BUT my mother used Miracle Grow on them (right around the time they started to look abnormal) (!?)

The weather has been perfect for tomatoes.

Hope you can help.



Image link:

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Yes, looks weird. But that's normal although seldom noticed. They're root initials.

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I am not 100% certain but it looks like herbicide damage, spliting stems are an indicator of that many times. Could it be that the container used to apply the miracle grow could have had herbicide residue? This is my best guess as to what is happening.

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