Is This Fusarium Wilt?

Tom_in_Chi(z7 NC)June 26, 2005

Hey Folks-

I am growing about a dozen heirloom tomatoes in three different beds. One of the first ones I planted, an Azochoycka, is showing signs of wilt. I have grown plants in this raised bed for only two years, so I hope it is not fusarium. I split opne an effected stem. It was pretty hollow, but white nad green, not brown in color.

Your wisdom is hereby solicited.



Image link:

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Tom_in_Chi(z7 NC)

I live in Raleigh, NC. The plants were raised from seed.

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Your picture and description don't match the characteristics of fusarium, so I would say no.

Your picture looks kinda like a bacterial or fungal disease, but it doesn't look near as bad as some plants I have, that I consider to be OK/par for the course.

Does watering "fix" the wilt?

Lee also in Raleigh

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Tom_in_Chi(z7 NC)


Water doesn't help. The plants that are adjacent to this one are showing some signs but are not that badly effected. When I looked at the Problem Solver #2 thread, fusarium seemed like the most likely culprit.

I cut out all the growth that was shoing signs of the condition prior to taking the picture, hoping that would surgery would fix it. This is new damage as of Sunday. The plant is full of large, green, healthy fruit.

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Gimme3Steps(7 or 8, NE GA)

Tom, that is definately NOT Fusarium. Fusarium looks entirely different, but next time, back up an give a little more perspective in ya photograph. Remove an destroy any leaves exhibiting such attack, it looks like pure ol early Blight, to me, but nothin severe. A greater aspect view of the plant would help a whole lot, but i can tell ya easily, that aint Fusarium, an when the day comes that you indeed Do see Fusarium, there will never be any further doubt , nor hesitancy, to recognize it. Fusarium causes major yellowing, not brown spots, across Entire leaves, on one side of a stem, before gradually spreadin all over a tomato. Employ Serenade, practice weekly sanitation, an you got no prob...))) What i see is nothin to worry about, jus somethin to jump on, quickly, an dispatch of...))) GL...)))

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