hardy fuchsias --

amazondoc(mid-TN, z 7)May 13, 2005

Has anyone here tried Fuchsia magellanica? I'm intrigued --


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intimidator_3(7a TN)

Im intrigued too. I have never thought of trying hardy fuchsias, but with a zone rating of 6-9, I would definately give it a try.


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Soeur(z6b TN)

I tried it. It didn't do well for me, I think becauses it hated the hot humid summer weather so much it went into the winter in a weakened state and succumbed. That's my theory, anyway. Hopefully others will have better luck. I think if the nights were cooler it could handle the hot days, so maybe a mountain climate would work.


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farmerbell(6b TN)

I ordered a couple of the hardy fucias from White Flower Farm last year and they made it through the summer and bloomed sporadically. I brought them inside for the winter because I just was not sure of their hardiness and they died during the winter. I certainly will not try them again. As Marty says, I don't think they can stand the heat and humidity of the south.


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amazondoc(mid-TN, z 7)

Thanks guys! I guess I'll give it a pass for now. On the other hand, I've just found several variegated fuchsias (non-hardy) that look really wonderful......

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maternut(7 west tn)

I still have a ID tag from a plant swap, says Hardy Fuchsia.
All that remains is the tag. it was hardy.

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jessamine(z6 TN)

i also tried the wwf fuchsia. it was not a survivor. i've looked other places, such as heronswood and they rate all the hardy fuchsias 7 and higher so i think wwf is being a little brash.


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Ann's Greenhaus in Tusculum(Greeneville) has what she calls a hardy fuscia. It was not labeled, so I can't tell you which one.

It was not hardy for me but in all fairness I didn't have a decent spot to put it when I bought it very late last summer. It bloomed pretty orange red blooms but never grew in my very hard clay soil. It was in morning shade and only part afternoon sun.

I have reasonably good success with many zone 7 plants, so given a good siting with ammended soil and some protection, it might have returned. For $5, I may give it another try.

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My Fuchsias aren't the hardy variety, but are doing very well despite the heat and humidity, I was very surprised
about that, given they are supposed to like cooler temps.
Mine are the single variety coral and purple, and they have bloomed continiously since I got them this spring.
I fertilise regularly and keep them well watered. I
pinched them back, and they are covered with buds.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

I'm still interested in these, and considering the list that ForestFarm has, I'm really wondering if they could be happy in half day shade in decent soil on an east Tennessee hilltop.
Any more experiences?

Here is a link that might be useful: Forestfarm's list (with pictures)

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