pictures of our SFG

jeff-n-jessaJuly 17, 2008

Hi everyone! My wife grew up square foot gardening, and we still use the old book from the 1980's. She threw herself into the project this year, and dug out all the beds, replaced the soil, and laid down the pavers. It's been incredible! The tomatoes are twice as big (all 10 varieties), and each square has something different for fun.

One problem - we didn't use the right number of squares for some of the tomatoes, and they're very crowded!

I love seeing everyone else's pics - keep 'em coming!

I'm not sure I want the greenhouse to be a trellis...I lost that argument.

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Wow! Your garden is beautiful! How inspirational!
What do you mean about the tomatoes? I thought they were 1 per sq ft in the book?

Carolyn P.

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Thanks Carolyn. I think the indeterminate, since they get so big, get four squares (but I'm just going on memory).

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Love your trellis support. Are those 1x2's? Also love the paving stones - they really class up the operation.

Know what you mean about the tomato bushes. I have mine in 5 18" clay pots on the deck and I can't imagine trying to fit them into the square foot beds. There are some things that are best left out of the SFG, including cauliflower, squash and bush tomatoes.

Well done, and thanks for the picks.

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Howdy - my wife made those supports, and I think they're pine stakes that she just screwed together.

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

That looks very nice.....and the greenhouse is awesome. I'd give anything if I had one.


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pics are beautiful. i like how you did that with the tile. your garden is just "wonderful" to look at, and i also like the trellis for the peas.


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i absolutely love how your gardens are set up!! and i love your gh!! i hpe mine is as cool as yours!! :') and i absolutely agree with everyone about how the tiles and all!! :') WOW

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bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)

Your garden looks fantastic!

If you think yours is overcrowded, check out mine. Some volunteer sunflowers grew and I kind of just let them. The one in the back is over 11-ft tall!

The screening on the cattle panel "Tomato Armageddon"\pole bean trellis keeps the Japanese beetles off the pole beans (for some reason the bugs are too stupid to fly inside the arch for full access).

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penserosa(z6 NJ)

Very nice!!

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Looks great! Thanks for sharing :)

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