Bug in hollow tomato stem

redeye(8)June 23, 2005

The tomato plant's lower stem turned brown within 6 inches of the soil level and the brown portion is hollow with a black bug inside. It almost looks like it is in a cocoon. Most likely it is the larvae of something. It does not appear to be a stalk borer based on what I've read. All help is appreciated. --- Ed

Image link:

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donaldspencer1904(z7 NJ)

hope you get a response, i just had to cut down two plants today, with the same bug in the stem

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donaldspencer1904(z7 NJ)

could it be a Squash Vine Borer?

I disturbed a little bug when I cut down one of my damaged plants this morning, it was small, black and red/orange colored, at first, I thought it was an ant.

here's a picture of it



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As far as I am aware, SVBs do not bother tomatoes, just curcurbits. If they did bother tomatoes, I would have given up growing them years ago because I have a big SVB problem over here every season. I will stay tuned to see if you get a good diagnosis because I have never heard of larva infesting tomato stems.

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