Tomatillo disease or mites? Solution?

bricJune 1, 2013

This white bumpy/dusty fungus/other appeared virtually over night (two days?) on the tomatillo plants in my greenhouse. Did I pot them in the wrong soil? Will they survive? Can I do anything to help them?

And more importantly, while I wait to find out the answers to the above questions (here or through experience), are they a hazard to my more numerous tomato plants?

thank you,

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Perhaps a galloping case of edema (also spelled oedema.) If so, not a disease, but environmental.

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Thanks for the thought about edema.
Whatever it is, it hasn't gotten worse (i.e., the plant is not now a dry husk). Some of the leaves are still blighted but flowers are blooming and new growth is coming. So I'm still holding out hope.

If it is edema then probably the greenhouse is a bit too humid. Once weather warms up a bit more I can try moving it outside.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

It's edema for sure. Will grow out of it

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