Thank you all!!! What a day.

bigorangevol(Nashville)May 20, 2007

Thanks to everyone for making today such another wonderful Middle Tennessee Plant Swap! A special thanks as well from me to everyone that helped out; ya'll are the best. Thanks for the people that had pity on me and swapped their nice stuff for my junk.

Big props to Joe and Judith for yet another in the continuing series of fantastic lectures at the MTPS. We are so incredible fortunate to have such knowledgeable members that are willing to teach us and pass on what they know to neophytes like me. The pressure is on now Doug; you better start working on your lecture now. That being said, you know Doug and Bec are going to rock our Daylily socks off in October. We may need to go to TWO hours of lecture rather than just one just so we can pick Dougs noggin! What do yaÂll think?

Lest we forget, Jan and Jim Hobbs make and have made this all possible for us so major, major thanks to them!!! Remember that the canoe and campground business are their means of financial employment so if you have a church, scout or any kind of group that is looking for a great afternoon or two on the sure that you call them and make reservations. At $11-15 a head to canoe for half a day, where can you get that kind of value for a wonderful day of fun and adventure? Talk to the youth group directors at your home congregations, scout leaders, sports group coaches, business outing planners and civic group leaders about planning a trip down the Buffalo! Let's show them our support in like kind the way that they have opened their lives and business up to us at their expense. Who else would do this for us? Do you know anyone more generous? I doubt it. We are all blessed and our lives enriched to have this to fine Christian couple as our friends.

Great weather, awesome food, an abundance of cool plants and the camaraderie of hanging out the finest people on Earth was the perfect recipe for the perfect day. I think that we had around 90-100 swappers today which was an excellent number for a nice intimate group.

It was great to see all the regular folks and especially all the newbies. What a fine mix of each were represented today. Our demographic today was from infants to 90 years old. Where else in the World can such a diverse group of people meet with so much in common and have such a grand time? That is so dang cool!!!

Ya'll just made my week!!! I donÂt know about the rest of you but I had a blast today and I really need to be with yaÂll for my mental and emotional well-being. Lavonne is fine. She spent the day in bed which she needed to do but I was sure that she was going to try and drag herself in to the office to try and knock down another six or eight hours of work. SheÂs getting better but sure missed you guys. She wants to thank everyone for asking about her and she loves you guys every bit as much as I do.

For all the folks that didn't or couldn't make it were greatly missed. Please mark your day planners right now for the third Saturday in October. I canÂt wait until the Fall MTPS in five months.

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Ok so I missed Jan's thread...I'm just old and senile.

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Nah, just slow Jeff... I'm kidding! I'm the slow one... I read them post-swap meet, but just now getting around to posting... allergies/sinus drainage got the better of me in the end and I spent ALL day doing absolutely NOTHING. So, trying to at least post now/late tonight.

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I was on the run from 4:00 Saturday morning until we got home at 11:00 that night. I am too old for that. We went straight to bed after church yesterday morning. We needed that rest soooooooo much. I did get most everything planted Sunday evening.

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Are Hermit and I the only ones that had a good time?

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I loved it! It was my first, I brought my husband and mother and now won't be able to keep them away.
I especially enjoyed the lunch - I've thought of it fondly many times since. The one dish I wish I could've had more of was the sugar free strawberry dessert. I think everyone did a great job - and I consider myself an expert at eating potluck meals so that's a big compliment.
Unfortunately, after psyching myself up to go, I lost momentum and haven't planted several of the things I brought home. And the lunatic squirrels that live in my yard have attacked a couple of things so I'm guarding the rest of it with my life while it's still in pots. I'm afraid to plant for awhile.
I'm looking forward to the fall to hopefully see my new friends again.
Thanks so much to everyone that organized and attended.
After discussing other possible swaps to attend, my mother always adds, "But they won't be in that perfect spot by the river..."

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Thanks eaglebug! We're so happy that ya'll made it and had a good time! We'll look forward to seeing you now on a regular basis.

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tngreenthumb(z6 TN)

Well excuse me Mr. "Don't Take Any Pictures of the Short Guy In The Orange Shirt."

I've been a little busy. First planting everything then keeping it all watered....

I have made a first run culling pass. I took 230 shots and am down to 111. I'll likely toss a few more as I process what's left. Barring anything really good on TV tonight I'll try to start that step. If all goes well you'll see a post about this in a day or two.

In the meantime, have a look at The Tennessee Renaissance Festival

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

So you did get a picture of Jeff!

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Jan_Hobbs(z6a TN, USA)

Rebecca, boy you have such a good camera...looks just like Jeff. :)

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