Using 1/2 whiskey barrels

rjingaJuly 7, 2008

I have 4 of these that are empty and I'd sure love to use them to plant some more squash. In one area, I could easily plant several in one and then just let them trail over. Another area (next to my garden, but closer to the lawn, I'd have to keep things more contained so that DH could still mow the lawn without too many obstacles (so maybe in those 2 a few bush squash?

I'd like to do zuchinni in the trailing ones and yellow straight neck in the 2 by the garden.

MY QUESTION: Do you think I could get 2 in each of the one's by the garden? I could plant them at the outter sides opposite each other to allow them to grow up and somewhat over but hopefully far enough away from each other so that they have space to do their thing?

It would seem like too big of a container to house just one I"m hoping that I can squeeze them in?

Any thoughts? personal experience?

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Melissa Houser

I have a bush yellow squash and three bush beans in a smaller pot. They are doing very well and the squash bugs haven't found that squash plant yet (SHHHHHHHH).

I planted carrots and radishes in one half barrel this year and cucumbers with potatoes in another. My radishes did well and have been harvested and I got my first cuke from the one barrel already. However, my taters didn't do so hot. The plants grew, flowered and died, but there were only about 10 quarter-sized taters in the whole barrel. I'm waiting for the cuke to do something before I dump that barrel to see if there are more down in there.

I'd try the two squash in each pot and see how it did. If you're growing from seed, it's fairly inexpensive and you can always pull one if it gets over-crowded. :)

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