teeny bugs on tomato

ellenrr(7a)June 14, 2011

they are the size of aphids, but they are light tan color.

do aphids come in that color? I've only seen black aphids.

A couple of lower leaves are curling, otherwise the plant looks great and I have blossoms.

It is a Ramapo and in a big pot.

thanks for any ideas, if you know what this is, or if you can direct me to a site with pictures of tomato bugs so I can identify it.

or maybe it is a good bug!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Aphids come in many colors.

If they are tan & resemble small papery blimps stuck to the leaf, biological control is active at your place.

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they do look little little blimps!

what does that mean that biological control is active at my place?
that sounds like a good thing.
So the tan things (what are they?) are good bugs eating the bad ones?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

A good guy (actually, girl) laid a single egg in each aphid. The egg hatched inside the aphid, the larva (youngster) ate until fully developed, then left the comforts of a well-protected "home." In the final stage, you can see the small round exit hole at the end of the aphid.

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Does it make sense to buy ladybugs? You can buy them at garden centers.

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