~. .~ 'urt-sfg' alert!!!!.......~. .~

krintisAugust 10, 2008

First, I would like to say" Don't thow me in the pot with cha!!!

I respect your chatting about "non-SFG", and I hope that you all respect ours as we have respected yours. If it gets too boring (not calling any names, but i can if i have to), in this forum, my suggestion would be: (1)give each other your e-mail, (2) exchange phone numbers, (3)join a forum where you all can meet and greet each other and talk about all kinds of things that have nothing to do with SFG and give us poor souls who suffer this "non-productive" chatter a break! (I came), and a lot of people have come, to this forum for a reason. People have given great info/feedback/and shared pics of their "pride-and-joy" garden. I was under the impression that this is what "THIS FORUM" is/was all about and not catching up on something totally ("URT-SFG"/UNRELATING-TO-SFG). People as myself are tired of opening up a topic and finding "gibberish" under these topics. I for one just joined SFG less than a month ago, and it was very displesing to me to have (like so many others) think someone have responded to a question asked, or post a related comment, etc...only to find "crap letters."

Please disregard this message......(if it don not apply to you!)

If it does apply to you...(please forward your inquires to the address below:)



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i'm going to reply just so it will go to the bottom and off the page, where it belongs!! sometimes us others like to talk not only about SFG and i have come up with a way to do that! we like our "crap letters" our kids and other stuff that goes on in our lives, sorry that it doesn't apparently apply to you in your humble life in any way. or that in any way you can't get some sort of laugh or idea from our things. whether its from our stupidity (mine) or from some of the other's ingeniousness. so it doesn't stick to SFG all the time. well now its in ONE thread only just to make you "POOR SOULS" happy so you don't have to "SUFFER" anymore. just don't read it. if you feel like ya want to join in, please do so, it would be only so cool!! :') please do name me!! :') i do know who i am and i'm the first to admit it, i'm bad at talking OT, i'm a talker!!
now we BOTH can co exist together. as i said befor i am happily trying to acommodate others. so whos' next??? ~Medo **big grinn**

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