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aelitaJune 8, 2011

I live in NH and I planted two varieties of tomatoes on June 3 for the very first time. The cherry ones seem to be doing just fine still, but some Early Girl variety plants� lower leaves are turning yellow with occasional small brown spots. I water both varieties twice a day as the ground is extremely dry. At first I was watering over the whole plant, but since yesterday am I watered at the roots only. They were purchased as plantings from a local nursery. Did I do something wrong, or, I am really worried, this might be the dreaded blight - see the photo?

Should I go and get some new plants from another nursery that�s known for quality tomato plants and replant them after getting these out of the soil (it�s still not too late to plant them here)? I really don�t mind doing that. Or if it is in fact blight, is it too late to pull the infected plants out of the soil? � Someone told me that if it�s blight, the soil is already infected and the new plants would get it too, is it true?

Should I water only in the am (to prevent blight) or in the evenings as well? Thanks in advance!

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I am not an expert but I would not worry(yet) if the yellowing/browning is on the lower leaves it is normal.They are the oldest and as part of nature brown and die first and I would recomend not to water them so much unless they are in containers you could do more harm,instead mulch around the plant roots and water deeply less times a week how much? it depends on the weather check by digging 1 or 2 inches into the soil if is moist no need to water if is dry go ahead,best I jus realize that you plant them 5 day ago I hope you planted them deep and have some kind of support.

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