Tiny worms in the top of my Celebrity tomato

organic_dusty(9)June 24, 2009

Well I was out this morning looking at my maters and peppers and I noticed some brown mushy stuff around one of my only Celebrity Tomatoes....I poked around with my clippers and it was white tiny worms....ugh....how disgusting.....I am new at gardening and would like to know why this happened? I also saw it on a red bell yesterday that was still green buy huge and it had a small mushy brown spot and when I cut it open it had white worms in it and brown stuff poured out...this is creeping me out, is there something I should be spraying on my fruited plants...this is so gross....


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please see my post from today - you may be having the same problem i am!

do you notice small black beetle like bugs crawling around as well? and are the tiny worms almost maggot like, but much smaller - you have to really look close at the inside of the tomato to see them?

they are killing the fruit one at a time! :(

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