Got Daconil, Now What

lumierefrere(z4NY)June 27, 2005

Good thing I got it at Tractor Supply, my 1st stop because the shelves were bare at Lowe's.

So should I try to rinse the Neem spray off, let the plant dry and then use the Daconil? Or just spray it today? Or wait 7 days from when I used the Neem?

What's best?


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

What's best?

Read label for dilution instructions and spray now.

Forget the Neem b'c its mode of action, which is pretty lousy as an anti-fungal, from what I've been reading over the past several years from feedback, is completely different from Daconil.


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I got what they had and that was a spray bottle "ready to use" except it's as thick as buttermilk hence doesn't spray well.

That's an issue in itself.

Now it's supposed to rain. So if I sprayed the plants, and I did, and it rains 4 hours later, am I still in good shape or do I need to respray?


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