rain and drought and rot

behaviorkelton(7-ish)May 8, 2009

So when does all this rain become a problem?

Gosh, things seem so darn wet, wet, wet. I've heard that Crape Myrtles, for example, don't like to have their feet wet for too long.

This is the most rain I've ever seen day after day without any drying period in between.

I am very happy with some aspects of the rain. For instance, most of the rain has been of the slow and steady rather than gushing downpours. This, I'm guessing, allows the rain to seep into the soil rather than move immediately into the storm drain system.

I'm also guessing that steady slow rains are better for our years of drought status for the same reason. Right?


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For us the problem now is rotting and washing the seeds planted. Also noticed my Iris are turning yellow, they do not like wet feet. Roses blooming beautiful but the foliage looks terrible. More rain expected tonight and all day tomorrow, hopefully the forcast is wrong. If the temperatures climb up into the 80's next week, then we may see fungus mold .

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