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jwowoMay 30, 2008

Hello from mercifully moist Bedford County (moist for the moment anyway). I am in search of some good advice on strawberries. I have started a patch this year- bought everbearing plant starts from Gurneys and they have done great. I planted them in two rows and put black landscaping plastic down between the rows. With all the rain we have had, the plants have done great but the weeds have done great too. The plants are starting to send off runners and are managing to put on a few berries despite my efforts to remove blooms. Any good advice out there about controlling weeds in a strawberry patch? I understand the runners are important for the future... how do I let them root without getting out of control weeds? Thanks.

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We always used a lot of straw to keep the weeds down but Dad had two excellent ways of removing and my little sister. Growing up, it seemed like Tina and I were always pulling weeds, pinching blooms, straightening runners or picking berries. Obviously Mom & Dad worked them too but even now I look back and it seems like we spent all spring and summer every year in the strawberry patch or garden. We had about an acre in berries and another acre in veggies. I HATED gardens when I was a kid! I hope that nobody told you strawberries were easy but two rows should be fairly simple. ItÂs like everything else in life, if you want to be successful then you have to put the time in on it.

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i'd use bean straw or wheat straw as regular straw will introduce more grasses as weeds

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