Tiny green and white bugs on undersides of leaves...id help?

jenna_sc(z8 SC)June 23, 2005

Two of my Cherokee Purple plants have tiny white and green bugs on the undersides of leaves...they look like lice (yuck!) Can someone tell me what they are?

I have also been mixing up a mild soap water solution and rubbing it on with my hands. It seems to be drastically reducing the number of them, and the plants still seem healthy (although are taking forever to set fruit). Should stronger measures be used? I hate the thought of pesticides. I don't want the health of those two plants to suffer though. I also don't want the little "bug party" spreading in my garden!

Hope this hasn't been asked already. I searched back through old threads and didn't see these particular bugs mentioned. Thanks for any help you all can give!


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Aphids, my guess.

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The white ones might be whiteflies.

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