Another one of those 'what's wrong with my tomato?!?!?'

morbidan(7a)June 9, 2011

Okay, I've searched through 10 pages of this forum and honestly every picture of symptoms looks exactly the same to me. Early blight, late blight, over watering, bacteria, fungus, I can't tell, yet somehow you experts are able to see the differences. So just like every other person on here, my tomato leaves are curling up, turning yellow and then brown. Also my blossoms are turning brown and dying before they even open. I haven't ruled out tarnished plant bugs but I honestly haven't seen any bugs around the blossoms either. I'm assuming it's called blossom drop but they're not really falling off, just dying before opening.

A little about my plants:

- planted in large 5 gallon pots

- Maybe slightly over-watered at first but this has been corrected

- Fertilized for the first time with organic tomato fertilizer last week.

- Symptoms were first spotted about 3 weeks ago.

Lots of pictures are attached at the link below. Thanks for your help!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Thanks for looking!!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Blossom loss is often from temperature -- too high or too low. What's been the temp at your place?

Container-grown plants need regular doses of fertilizer. Not leaf disease.

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The temps have been in the 90's so I'm not surprised that I'm having blossom drop. But considering the other symptoms I'm seeing I thought maybe it was part of another issue.

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