Do I have early blight?`

aakalanJune 10, 2012

I'm growing tomatoes on my balcony in large 5-gallon pots. Did pretty well this year.

Four varieties: Big Boy (doing well), Brandywine (dong well), Celebrity (doing well). However, the Beef Master plants (2) seem to infected with a problem. Leaves are turning yellow, from the bottom up, with grey round spots all over them. The lowest leaves have already turned brown and dropped off.

I need to know if this is blight, because I want to get rid of the plants before they infect the others. We just had two weeks of rain, followed by two days of dry, so it seems ideal for blight. But none of the other plants suffer from the same problem.

Please help!!!

Thank you!

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Looks like septoria leaf spot (early blight)...and since you had a heavy rain, the airborne fungas had a chance to spread.
You don't need to get rid of the entire plant, just cut off infected leaves.

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Can anti fungal spray like CAPTAN help stop the blight or the septoris. Also SIVIN helps kill aphids

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