I got Daconil/Ortho Garden Disease Control; no directions. Help?

bksinaz(z9 AZ)June 13, 2005

Need to know how to use on tomatoe plants.

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Sandra_NC(7B NC)

I think I would take the bottle back to the store and ask for a one with directions. The instructions on the bottle are pretty extensive.

The website is www.ortho.com

Another item that might be helpful to you is the HELP!!! Tomato Problem Solver 2 thread on this forum.

Best wishes in growing your tomatoes.

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Are you sure there are no directions??? The directions on these products is typically contained in a fold out booklet of sorts which is stuck onto the container with a clear removeable plastic film. Pick at what looks like the back label a bit and see if that isn't your instruction booklet.

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bksinaz(z9 AZ)

Container given to me by freind. No directions on this bottle. They seem to be torn off. Just need directions for use with tomatoe plants...thats all.

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There are different formulations --does the bottle tell you the strength? Why not call Ortho--1-888-270-3714 and get the correct information? Plus I would ask what is the shelf-life of Daconil as a bottle with no label may have been sitting around for a while.

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teresa_in_md(z7 MD)

The simplest thing is to pour some of the liquid into a hose-end sprayer and set the dial to 4oz. You may choose to very slightly dilute the liquid first with a short squirt of water from the hose. Then spray.

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Bruce_B(z9b N.CA)

The labels and instructions are available on line. Just be sure you have Garden Disease Control (milky white) and not the Garden insect/disease control (Orthenex - which isn't for tomatoes). Farkee's right, you should find out how old it is too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Disease Control Instructions (Daconil)

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Good 3-4 years per Ortho Website

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