Sudden Wilt on Tigerella

raisemybeds(SouthernCT)June 29, 2005

Today my Tigerella plant has a severe wilting of some of its branches. Other parts of the plant look fine. No yellowing or any other symptoms. It has grown well and looks healthy otherwise, with many flowers on it. This is in a raised bed in full sun, which is shared by 7 other plants of different varieties. There is NO lack of moisture problem, and I can see no injury anywhere. It has been very hot and muggy lately. I am thinking I might yank it to prevent a spread of whatever is wrong to my other plants. I seem to remember encountering something like this one year and there was no real good solution to it. Any comments appreciated!

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Wilting in your geographic area of some branches usually indicates Verticillium or Fusarium or possibly the beggining of Bacterial Wilt or SOuthern Bacterial Wilt.

Any change in leaf color?

No recovery with water?


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Hi Carolyn - thanks for responding. It is raining right now so I am not watering to test the theory, but I think we can assume no recovery with water as it is still looking wilted from the window here. Interesting note, though, I snipped a small section of wilt off the end of a branch maybe 7" long and stuck it in a glass of water to see if there was any ooze, and although I saw nothing unusual the section itself revived nicely after about an hour in the glass of water. So now I'm totally confused. Tigerella is fortunately not high on my list of "gotta try it" tomatoes, so I wouldn't be all broken up to sacrifice it if it should be yanked.

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