Too much water or something sinister?

ssj4(z7 MD)June 19, 2006

a few of my plants are warped, stunted and magnled, here are some pics

two other plants in the same 4x4 bed seem normal (here is a pic of one)

Could this be from too much water? then why are the other two plants in the same bed seemingly fine. Or do I need to yank these plants for fear of something spreading?

Thanks in advance

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torquill(z9/sunset15 CA)

All I'm clearly seeing is curling leaves, and leaves bending downward. The new growth looks like it's a good color and has a normal leaf shape. If I were asked, I'd say the plants look great. :)

Leaf curl is usually caused by stress, and lots of water can qualify as stress. The other common cause is bright sun. It doesn't do any harm, and they often grow out of it; some varieties are more prone to it than others, and even within a variety you find individual variation.

If I missed something specific, let me know. :)


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ssj4(z7 MD)

thanks for the input. It is harder to see in a photograph, but alot of the leaves in the two "suspect" plants looked malformed and asymmetrical - sort of shriveled looking, and the plant itself is a tangled mess.

It does appear that there is new growth that is looking better (which I believe would just indicate stress).

BTW the pic on the bottom is of the "good" plant.

This is also my first in ground (raised bed) crop, so I very may well have overwatered initially. Also, the way these things are growing - lookis like it is gonna be one tangly jungle at the end of august.

Thanks again.

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ssj4(z7 MD)

new growth is looking fresh and healthy. What must have been enough water for some plants, seems to have been too much for others.

Thanks again.

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