Beautiful Frilly White Mums flowers look brown when they bloom

katiedidcottage(z7 TN / Chattanooga)May 21, 2011

I bought 4 very expensive mums last year and this year they came back very healthy and have had plenty of buds on them which I have kept picked off until the last couple of weeks. These mums are called Crisantemo de Jardin or "Cockatoo" garden mum and had a beautiful frilly white many layered flower with a yellow center. The buds are beautiful and look white, but as they mature and begin to bloom the white petals look brown and ugly, though they are still frilly and beautifully shaped. Does anyone know what to do to keep this from happening?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

One possibility is moisture/drainage issues. Keep a close watch to make sure that your mums don't get too dry or stay wet for extended periods. Either condition can cause problems similar to what I think you are describing.

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katiedidcottage(z7 TN / Chattanooga)

Thank you Brandon. I think the drainage is really perfect and they have been growing and looking beautiful, but the flowers remind me of when I put carnations into colored water as a child. Very strange. I have fertilized them because that is what the garden store told me to do but I have no idea what is going on. If they don't clear up, I'll be moving them from the front yard.

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terryr(z5a IL)

Hi Katie, we used to live just north of Chattanooga awhile helloooo Chattanooga!! You know The Barn Nursery? Go there and ask for Craig. Not on a Thurs though. Tell him Terry from IL sent you. Tell him what's happening with your mum and I'm sure he'll be able to help you. Take a picture with you, if you can.


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katiedidcottage(z7 TN / Chattanooga)

Thank you, Terry, I'll do that. It may be next week before they bloom again, or even after that. I cut off all the buds because they were all going to be ugly brown flowers, so I'll try to let them bloom again and take some pictures and go see Craig at The Barn. I'll let you all know what he says and try to upload a picture.

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terryr(z5a IL)

You're welcome! I call Craig, from up here, so that says a lot about how good he is at what he does :D So he might be able to tell you what's going on with a picture of your plant now. Take a picture of one of them (or both) and be sure to get the surrounding soil and/or whatever you're using for mulch. When you get to The Barn, tell Craig about your soil and what the petals were doing. Tell him everything you've said here.

Do you ever go to the native plant sale at Reflection Riding Arboretum? I miss that place. We don't have anything like that up here.

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