Fusarium wilt? Yellowing, dying leaves. Help!

MorkaiJune 24, 2013

These are from 3 of 4 tomatoes in containers. One is a bush cherry, the other a bush goliath, and the small ones are little yellow cherries. I water "as needed," which is about 2 or 3 times a week. I am using TomatoTone, but only about two times all season.

At first I thought it was just too much water (we had a wet early June), but then after drying out the problem seemed get a little better, then get worse, then get better, etc. This is the worst it's been. Recently I thought it wasn't enough water, but two watering sessions a day hasn't helped.

I cut open a stem the inside doesn't look like the fusarium wilt stems I see online (photo attached) - but man the leaves and sure look like what I see in photos online.

Is this some other disease? Is it some sort of watering issue? Should I fertilize more often?

Yellow Cherries:

I have a roma plant that has seemed to dodge the problem - until a few days ago, when I saw yellowing leaves.

I fear my plants are dying! What can I do to diagnose the problem?

(Also, I have seen small gnats on top of the mulch in the containers. Is this a problem? I heard it was only a worry if the plants were young.)

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Any chance of herbicides used anywhere in the area?

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I doubt it. It's pretty much downtown Washington DC.

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Doesn't look like disease...if they're hybrid plants some should be resistant to fusarium. I'd say it's nutritional since you've got them in containers...possibly magnesium deficiency http://tomatolover.com/magnesium-for-tomatoes/ that links got more info on symptoms of magnesium deficiency. As tomato plants grow they begin to use the nutrients in their lower limbs and branches. Either way it doesn't hurt to do a 2 TBSP of epsom salt per gallon of water solution and spray it on the plants or water them at the soil level.

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I'm having the exact same issue. (I'm over in Arlington.) Along with what I think is bacterial speck, the leaves are also yellowing. Have been spraying the healthy leaves with Daconil to see if it'd prevent the speck from spreading, so I'm wondering if it's something else.

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evilscott(USDA=10, Sunset=24)

I've been having some of the same problems with tomatoes in containers. I've ruled out biotic diseases and have settled on the watering regimen as the culprit.

My learning has taught me that overwatering is more damaging to the plant and difficult to recover from. In containers, it's tricky to get the watering right. I'm trying to figure out the right routine.

I'm going to try a cup of water every other day in the morning.

Also, the mulch you are using will hold in water (a good thing), so make sure to test the soil moisture down a couple inches with your finger before you water. If the soil is somewhat moist, skip the water -- easier to catch up with a water-deprived plant than to cure a root-rotted plant.
And I would add a little more of that TomatoTone, can't really hurt.

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Patidar(zone 7)

I have got same problem and it continue to increase. Initially I thought spider mites and treated by Sevin. But after spider mites gone I still had yellowing of leaves. Then I started cutting all infected leaves and spraying neem oil every 3 days. I almost cut cut 80% of leaves. But with plant food now my tomato plants are lush green again. Here are pictures of infection I had on my tomato plants


Here is a link that might be useful: My plants

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