Overwatering-type wilting

lord_helpusJune 6, 2006

I have 3 rows of tomatoes, each row planted 2 weeks apart. There are approx 10 plants in each row. Suddenly, one plant from row A (largest plants), one from row B and 2 from row C, have wilted. Not curled, not changed color, not gotten spots. Just gotten entirely flaccid so that the leaves are hanging straight down and are "mushy".

If the plants were being overwatered, I would expect that more plants would show symptoms and the symptoms would come on more gradually. This has happened suddenly, and only to 4 plants (so far). The two plants in row C are next to each other, but the other plants are not anywhere near them or near each other.

Any thoughts? Should I immediately pull any plants at the first sign of wilting? Could it be a fungus?

There are no signs of insects in the plants or anywhere else in the garden. Nor have the tomato plants or any of the other vegetable plants gotten spots or signs of fungus. So far everything is wonderfully healthy except for these 4 plants.


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sic_transit_gloria(z5 KS)


I had exactly the same thing happen about a week ago. First my Neves Azorean Red, then Golden Queen, and then Carbon and Garden Peach. No spots, no yellowing, just limp-as-can-be leaves. Well, what's the first thing you do when you see wilting? I watered. We hadn't had that much rain, so I thought I'd "fix" the problem. I watered and the wilting got even worse. Where before maybe half the stems were limp, then the whole plant went limp. Oddly, the first sign of wilting was at the top of the plants and moved down.

So, after watering and the condition worsened, I posted at tomatoville.com. Some suggested it could be overwatering, which I initially dismissed, but then remembered that I watered them and they got worse. So, I have left them alone, and now several days later, all of the plants have recovered, albeit some of the leaves are dead since the sun baked them when they were in their limp phase. A little foliage loss isn't any big deal, though.

Give your plants 3 days and do not water them. Post then and let us know how things are going.


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I'm not sure if my tomatoes are over watered of what but the leaves seem to be curling up on the outer edges of a few of the branches???


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i have been having the same problem, wilting at the tops of 2 tomato plants with no sign of pests or diseases. One day i noticed the wilting and couldnt find anything really wrong. I noticed a few days later the same with my radishes and cantaloupe. i pulled the 2 tomatoes and searched for signs of disease. The pith looks clean and everything else seems ok. Is this overwatering? i really hope not to loose my whole garden. Any help and advise would be great. thanks

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