Has anyone see the shrubs with orange flowers in Memphis

DirtDiggingLadyMay 6, 2005

There are two shrub type plants on Poplar just 1 block west of East Parkway on the southside corner that are blooming right now. They look like tall azaleas (about 5 feet tall) and one has bright orange flowers and one has pale orange flowers.

Has anyone here seen them? Does anyone know what they could be? Very unusual color and a great color for UT fans!


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mlwgardener(7b NE MS)

I'm not from Memphis, but I have native azalea blooming in my yard that fit your description, mine just haven't reached that height yet. Google on "Native Azaleas" to see if that's what they are. Hope this helps and may God bless you and yours with his loving Grace, Mona

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Thanks, Mona,

I googled and though they are very pretty, they really don't quite look the same. The flowers on those native azaleas look like they are in clusters and the way I remember the ones on these plants, they are not in clusters. I never knew azaleas came in orange.


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amazondoc(mid-TN, z 7)

There are a good number of orange azalea hybrids. Look up Exbury and flame azaleas as well.

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There was a similiar post awhile back, check it out! Could this be it??

Here is a link that might be useful: bush with orange flowers??

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I have seen those shrubs, and in fact know who planted them. She used to be my landlady many years ago. They are Native Azaleas. They are very beautful and about 20 or so years old. I was lucky to get some Oakleaf Hydrangeas from her after she moved from that home to another on Central across from Immaculate Conception.

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katiedidcottage(z7 TN / Chattanooga)

That's funny seeing someone respond to a post I made 3 years ago in my alterego of DirtDiggingLady. It should be almost time for those pretty orange flowers to be blooming.

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I heard that; Doc's too.

I sure wish that Mona Lisa would get her tail back on here and post more often!!!

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