Planting today!

crystabel(9)August 10, 2008

Being so new to gardening I missed the spring season in FL to get much planting done. Over the past few months I have been watching everyone's plants grow, and harvests coming in - it has been agony! LOL ;). These past two weeks I have finally been able to do some planting - and how fun it is!

Today I planted more corn - I now have 5 squares planted and 5 more squares waiting. I'm planting a square or two a week. I also planted some bell peppers, celery, watermelon, basil, marigold, parsley, pole beans, borage. I can't wait to start seeing the harvest come in - if I can keep them all alive. Already my first square of corn is sprouting like crazy.

And I have to get a pic of my squash vine because it has already grown up as tall as my trellis and I guess I'll need to be weaving it back down the trellis now?? I'll have to read my sfg book again.

BTW, who told the squash bugs about my squash?? How on earth did they find my two little vines in an area that has no other veggie gardens? You think they got into the forum here and read up about it? LOL. I'll have to find a remedy for getting rid of them other than the "flick and squish" method I'm using, hehe.

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LOL i know, and they like my maters, my neighbor said to squish them and leave it there, it wards off the others. ???? i've done that, we'll see!!
how cool that' youve gotten some planted!! we have finally gotten one bed made so we can make one more going befor its to late. i want green beans and peas in that one for sure, tomato's and hmmm... lettuce and spinach in there. i love spinach and i can freeze it!! that will go good in quiche!! we like the ones that you can make in those cup cake thingi's.
those dang squash bugs took out a whole squash plant of mine, befor i even knew it!! you can use a ivory soap/oil/water mix and apply it, and after every rain. the oil helps the soap stick. you can tell i didn't make it this year. i keep saying i'm gonna make it, and i don't. i need to!!

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Thanks for the tip on the soap/oil/water mix! I think I will make some. Man, we're having rain everyday so I guess I'll be out there spraying all of the time LOL.

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sure!! ya have to soak a whole bar of ivory over night, but i just grinded it up(made sure that it was "liquid") and then used it, then i put it in 1gal of water, then 1/4 cup oil. that goes into the hose end sprayer and it mixes with the water when it sprays it out. :') Have fun!! LOL

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YAY for planting!!! I love to plant. And really its the organizing of the garden that I love most. I love seeing my plants start growing all neat and tidy!

My cucs and tomatoes are driving me a bit crazy with their not so neat growing methods. Its ok, because the wheels are turning in my head for how to make it better next year :)

Make sure to take pictures as everything starts to grow! Its so fun to look back on them!

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so how did it turn out with the planting?? i hope great!! :')
yes they are just all over the place arent they!! it just drives me nuts!! i wish i could put them on a pole and be done with it!!. although, last year in organic gardening, i did read where a mom had used cattle panels and set them up like a zigzag almost, or tent. and let them grow up that. and the fruit or vege's fell thru. she let her kids pick the vege's. i thought how awesome!! i never did get to buy them cattle panels!! LOL i was thinking of making my beds like 2-3 ft apart then putting the cattle pannels up on the bed and let the stuff trellis up it. but walking under it could be kinda freaky if one fell on me!! LOL also just now thinking, getting to the food. although i could plant the vining at the other end. that could work. ???? ~Medo

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I saw one garden that used brightly painted ladders, of different heights and colors, for their was a BEAUTIFUL garden! I was thinking of sawing the legs of of a couple of my ladders....well, maybe not ;-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Annie's Kitchen Garden

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LOL I wish I'd gotten back on here to see your directions medo! I mixed like 1/2 c ivory dishwashing soap with a little water and oil. I think my squash is dead now because it is all brown. I am staying hopeful about it surviving. Of course I had to be thorough and spray almost EVERY LEAF!! I wish I'd been lazy that day and just sprayed here and there. LOL I guess I learned a lesson :) .

Granny....Oh, those painted ladders sound so cool! I really need to get some personality into my garden. Right now it is just functional since it cost a bit to get it up and running. Maybe for Christmas!

jeni - LOL I hope you get your cukes and tomatoes to behave!! :)

I'll get some pics up soon as my sprouts start popping up!

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