Disappearing tomatoes

mrsoutdoorsrJune 29, 2006

We have several tomato plants, differing varieties, planted in our square foot garden. Most of the plants had tomatoes on the vine, several almost ripe and a lot still green when my husband checked on them two days ago.

Yesterday when we checked the garden, almost all of the tomatoes (nearly ripe and green) had been pulled cleanly from the vines. There were no traces of the fruit, trampling of plants, or disturbance of the area around the plants. It was just as if someone picked each one off.

We are suspecting someone stole them off, which is odd because our house is situated off the road in a private area. Also, my husband was home the majority of the day, and I don't think someone would be able to find all of the fruit in the branches if they were rooting around in the middle of the night.

Is there an animal that would steal tomatoes without a trace? Otherwise, our inclination is to get a camera and watch, but we don't want to go to this expense if there is a more logical explanation.

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If they got plucked clean, you got robbed, by a person

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Animals will leave traces of fruit.

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Vermonster(z3 VT)

chipmunks will steal cherry tomatoes without a trace.

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I say a human

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I concur, it was some human.

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This is kinda scary... I was just noticing some of mine have disappeared cleanly (almost) and came here searching for possibilities. I never thought of humans, but the lawnmower guys were here yesterday... hmmmm... nah....they were still green... I saw a couple just starting to pink up the other day... who would want to eat green ones? Or did they take them home to ripen?

The only evidence is one green tomato that was on the top of the soil in the container (whiskey barrel) partly picked at.

No other pieces of tomato to be seen anywhere.

I am growing 2 plants - a cluster salad type and some cherries. The cherries look untouched. Is there any barrier thing I can put over the whole deal to protect whats left if it is critters? would bird netting help at all?

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