Rodents, squirrels are eating my tomatoes! Ugh!!

pinky21(zone 9)June 3, 2009

Hi Veggie Gardeners! I live in Southern California and have lots of tomatoes on my plants! Yayy, The only problem is when I get a nice big green tomato, I come back the next day and some critter has chewed half of it away! I'm so mad! This has happened to 3 big ones so far. Any suggesstions? Cayenne pepper? Traps? I've heard that the cayenne makes them scratch their little eyes out, Im not sure if I'm that mad, but I don't want to share.


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I am having the same problem and I used blood meal which didn't help. I am now using moth balls for the last 3 days and the squirrel has not bothered them again.

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Ok, we had a little 1/2 inch of rain after I put out the moth balls and today, today the squirrel got another one. I am totally upset. I will put out more moth balls tomorrow.

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pinky21(zone 9)

I know! It's annoying! I don't think Ill try moth balls cause im afraid of the chemicals leeching into my produce.
I thought of a couple organic ideas. When I prune my roses, I'll put the thorny canes around the tomato plants. The squash I have growing is untouched by the critters and I think it's because of the sharp foliage.

I am also going to use the cayenne, what the heck. Hopefully the vermin won't scratch their eyes out.

One other thing Im gonna try is one of those blow up snakes from the home improvement store.

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