Pyrethrin and fungicide?

busy_bee_7tn(7/8TN)June 3, 2006

Can they be mixed? I can handle mixing them in the weekly fungicide application for my roses, the roses being a major contributor for thrips.

I use Funginex or Orthanex mixed with Maneb.

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suze9(z8b Bastrop Co., TX)

I have occasionally mixed a bit of pyrethrin with a Daconil treatment with no problems (even though Ortho officially does not recommend doing so), but I can't answer the question as to mixing pyrethrin with the fungicides you've listed. Maybe try asking on the rose forum?

Those folks are totally up to speed in terms what can and cannot be used on roses. At least they were last time I looked over there...

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barkeater(Z3b VT)

Yes, I've mixed it many times with no problem. Be sure to add a spreader-sticker too.

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