Crepe Myrtle story

anntn6b(z6b TN)May 8, 2007

The big old crepe myrtle that came with our farm was killed back to three feet above the ground by the -10F temps we had about a decade ago. It's old enough that the stems are wood. Many are between two and three inches in diameter.

My good news is that although the Easter Freeze killed all the new leaves that were beginning at the ends of the ten foot long wood and this morning, back lighted by morning sunlight, I could see that all the branches had the beginning of new growth out very close to the ends.

As I joyously exhale at the survival of this grand old tree, I hope your crepes come back as well.


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I hope so, too - Ann. One of my Crape Myrtles is late to leaf out and so I am not worried about it. But another looks pretty bad right now.

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maternut(7 west tn)

All of ours are going to make it, I lost a couple that I started from seed last year, that were still in pots.

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I wonder if someone can answer my question,last year i put in four large crepe myrtles and all the leaves were killed by the cold, as of today they show no sighn of life except new leaves on the ground. will they come back or are they dead.Thanks for any help.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

If they've got new leaves, they're alive, but the stems may not be.
Have you been watering them? This winter/spring/summer has been very dry for parts of Tennessee. If you're in the dry part, your crepes may need a little extra water to make as much growth as they can from 'energy' stored in the roots from last year.
Wait a couple of weeks and if no growth emerges on the stems, and all the new growth is still from the ground, continue to protect the new growth until it hardens. (One reason for leaving the woody dead bits is (around our house), there is less chance for an accidental mowing over if vertical wood is involved.)

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Great information as I too am waiting for signs of life..everything else is making new leaves but the myrtles. They are only 2 years old....
Athens area

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diggity(zone 7)

My crepe myrtles seem to be doing fine. 3 of them have many leaves all over and show plenty signs of growth, one doesn't look so hot, although it does have leaves, it also has a lot of dead looking leaves on it. They're also HUGE! I'm thinking of trimming them back but I'm not exactly sure how to go about it. Should they be trimmed before they bloom or after, and should I trim whole limbs or just parts of them? Can someone help me with this?

Oh and brandiwine, I'm also in the Athens area...what part are you in?

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