seeds - in ground vs. not

doginthegardenAugust 15, 2012

Here in Southern California, we're sweating out the heat wave and thinking about planting our autumn vegetable gardens. Sometime soon I'll start some seeds. I'll probably do a mix of starting them in small pots and of starting them directly in the raised beds. Are there pros/cons of either method, besides the high risk of the in-pot seeds drying out in our hot dry climate? (yes, even if I shade them and mist them several times a day). I think I've read that some vegs do better if transplanted and some don't like it at all. Thought I'd see what the wisdom of this forum thinks. thanks.

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I am not an expert since this is my first year, but I live in S. Nev and have temp in the 100's here. So I seem to have better luck with starting most of my seeds inside using one of those seed starter flats with a clear cover. As soon as they pop up, they are transferred to small pot (plastic or styrofoam cup)which is labeled and dated and placed in a sunny window. Within a few days, most will then go outside into a mostly shady spot and then will be moved to a sunnier location when the second set of leaves are fully formed. I tried germinating directly in the bed and although several came up quickly, they seemed to get eaten by the insects too quickly and few remain.

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angela12345(7b NC Mixed-Humid)

Google temperature seed germination. The following article has a chart that shows % of seeds germinated at different temperatures. In parenthesis () is how many days it took to achieve that % of germination.

There are not too many things that cannot be transplanted, most do well, especially if you take care not to disturb the roots. You will definitely have to make sure the small pots do not get dried out. Also, harden off the seedlings before transplanting.

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