Velvet/Velsgarden: Dolly Madison Lily

tn_veggie_gardner(7)May 24, 2010

I didn't end up cutting the flowers off the one I have left because one of the petals fell off one of the three flowers it has/had open and I wanted whatever I brought Emily to be perfect (bought her a dozen pink roses...she loved them!). Anyway, I feel bad for not knowing the two I should have had left snuck off while I was unloading the truck, so I couldn't give one to you. I don't remember where you live, but if you want this one (they are Perennials, btw...I just figured that out, I'd be happy to meet you somewhere to give it to you. =) I have to dig it up soon, one way or another. If you don't take it, I will have to give it away to someone probably. Let me know.

- Steve

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velsgarden(TN 7)

Hey Steve,Im glad Emily loved her roses.Dont worry about me not getting one at the swap.I should have spoke up sooner.I would really love to have one,but I live close to Henry Horton so that might be hard for you to meet me halfway since you have have had so much truck trouble.Im wondering could you pot it up until fall.I know it will die back,but not sure how long bulb would last in the pot.Maybe someone will chime in with advice.bth where is it that you live?

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I live way up in Tennessee Yankee Hermitage. I imagine it would do fine until the Fall in a container, if the container is big enough. I have a handful of 5 gallon nursery pots left. One of them would probably be fine. The little 1 gallon pots I had them in for the swap were obviously a very short term, teporary thing. Did the usual, like most people do, dig it up, throw in a pot, toss some handfulls of soil on it & water. I guess we'll wait a day or so to see if anyone chimes in about the bulb staying alive in the container & then go from there.

- Steve

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Steve, if you end up bringing some things to keep in my place i could find a place for the lilly to hang out in the ground until the fall swap if that would be better.


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new-gardener123--I noticed you were wanting some orange mint. Sorry, I did not get back to the swap thread Saturday morning. I have you several cuttings that I will root and plant for you. Will hold until the Fall Swap.

Hope OK with Velvet & Steve to post, Thanks ;).


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thanks wanda! i meant to see if you had any cuttings and i got so wrapped up i forgot!

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Wanda: That'll be $5 for thread posting, please. Just kidding! ;-)

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