Gray Leaf Spot?

teresa_in_md(z7 MD)June 26, 2005

I think some of my plants have gray leaf spot, at least the symptoms best match that of gray leaf spot. There are small pin-point size brownish-gray spots on the lower leaves and it is slowly works its way up the plant. The spots are more visible on the undersides of the leaves but can be seen on the top sides of more severely affected leaves. What really concerned me was the presence of irregular shaped brown lesions on the side stems (not the main stem of the plant). I'm fairly certain it is not early blight as the spots are very small and there are no concentric circles. I've sprayed 2x with daconil about 7 days apart and I'm crossing my fingers that keeps the problem at bay. Do these symptoms sound like gray leaf spot or could this be in fact early blight or something else altogehter? The pictures on the Tomato Problem Solver are hard to differentiate at times. Thanks all.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


it doesn't sound like Gray Mold to me.

Gray Mold has large lesions that are vee shaped and wherever it invades, you should be seeing fuzziness due to sporulation.

Pin point lesions puts you more in line with Bacterial Speck or Bacterial Spot and Daconil has no action against the bacterial diseases.

So take another look at those two folaige diseases and if they're close, then consider using a copper containing product such as Kocide, or similar.


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teresa_in_md(z7 MD)

Thanks Carolyn but I'm at a loss. I've searched the internet and several garden supply companies and cannot find a bactricide. I searched Kocide and found a "Rose care" website that offered a 20lb $90 bag of powdered Kocide. Do you have a product name or supplier that I can contact or visit thru the internet to buy a copper-based product? Thanks. Sigh.....


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


YOu don't have to get Kocide, as I said above, similar is OK too. Any big box store and most nurseries carry copper containing antifungals such as Mancozeb, Maneb, and the like.

Just walk right in, sit right down and ask for a copper containing antifungal, please. ( smile)

No need to go thru the intyernet and pay shipping costs b/c the copper products are not rare of hard to find. Honest.


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