Ants and curling leaves

beckie5326June 12, 2010

My apologies if I've double sent this...

The top leaves on one of my tomato plants are curling upwards. It's about 1/4 of the plant.

-I noticed it about a week ago after we had a night with several inches of rain.

-The bottom leaves look fine. They may be a little spindly, or maybe that's my imagination

-When I checked the base of the plant, I found the dirt swarming with black garden ants.

-The leaves are of normal texture

I've spent WAY too long researching this on the internet. Any diseases that I read about seem to start from the bottom. I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you!

Image link:

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Is it possible to post a larger image? And perhaps more of the plant?

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Okay, this is embarassing. On the postitive side, by the time I get Photobucket/Gardenweb figured out, maybe my tomato problems will resolve themselves!

Here is a picture of the tomato plant with upward cupping upper leaves that had lots of ants at the base.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Suspicious of weed killer drift, even if just wwed & feed for the lawn.

But perhaps environmental. That said,we've had humongous amounts of rain here recently and none of my plants are doing that.

Do you know the name of the plant? (Some tomatoes react differently than others.) Someone more familiar with the reactions of a wide range of tomatoes may then chime in.

Doubt the ants have anything to do with it, other than they have a nest nearby in the ground.

Oh yes, thanks for the images.

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Thanks, Jean. It's an Amish Paste tomato. My big concern is if it's sick. It's at the end of a row of a variety of tomatoes, and I don't want it to spread. I'm glad this doesn't scream fungal or viral to you. It would really hurt to have to pull it up!

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I'm strongly suspecting that it's herbicide drift. The leaves are not turning yellow or spotting. The plant is looking more droopy, though. Here's a picture I found on line. It's pretty close to mine.,4-daminetomato.jpg&crop=Tomato&act=2,4-D

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