Vermiculite in Massachusetts?

sszretterAugust 19, 2008

Anyone have a source in Metrowest or Worcester County areas of Massachusetts for Vermiculite (at reasonable cost)?

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I don't. I have a little list of places I keep on hand, though, as I see folks post places where they get it. I really have gone nuts on the sfg thing, lol. Can I suggest you call hydroponics shops? That's where I got mine and it was fully half the cost of the gardening shops nearby.

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I think I found a place, though it is a long drive for me -- have not priced it, but there is a distibutor WHITTEMORE in MA ( which does not sell to the public, but they say they have a distributor, that sells A3 Vermiculite Medium 6CF (African) 65-3115 (and others) = it isin Tewksbury, MA -- 978-851-4346

They actually have locations in other new england states, NY, and down toward the south, so might help other states too.

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Another source I found -- wormsway in Sutton, MA!
$20 for 4cu ft!

They have locations in 6 states

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Thanks for posting. I'm going to add those to my list.

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