Persimmon with CRUD - Pull 'em?

pete978June 21, 2006

I have two Persimmon plants that have CRUD. None of my other varieties have show any sign of it, except my Early Girls did seem to have a touch of it while still indoors. Anyway, the Persimmon seedlings (free from TGS) started out OK, and then faltered and the tell tale brown tips of CRUD were evident a few weeks before planting outdoors. Curiously, even with close contact with my other plants (literally touching), including Paul Robeson, Stupice, Balls Beefsteak, Brandywine, Better Boy, Black Cherry and others, they all look fine.

So, now my plants have been in the ground for a little over two weeks. We had tons of rain in early June, but some warm weather recently and the plants are starting to take off - lots of green vigorous growth at the top. But, the CRUD remains on the Persimmon, including probably the third youngest leaf at the top. They have been sprayed with Daconil a few times and most of the impacted leaves look fine; they just have brown tips.

I heard that CRUD can be outgrown, but I am having my doubts and leaning towards pulling my 2 Persimmon plants. Thoughts?

I was hoping to see some large orange fruits in my future.

Has anyone else found Persimmon to be more vulnerable to CRUD/early blight?

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whizzer75(z7 Al)

I tossed my Persimmons before setting out because they showed brown tips from the first true leaves. At 8 weeks they still had it and I didn't want to take a chance.

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tuesdayschild(z10 CA, Sunset24)

Sorry -- but.... what is CRUD? I checked via the forum search but everyone who refers to it seems to know what it is..... What is CRUD? Thanks.....

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torquill(z9/sunset15 CA)

CRUD is "Carolyn's Rare Unknown Disease". No one's been able to figure out quite what it is, despite a pathologist from Cornell having a go at it. We're pretty sure it's fungal, but it only seriously affects young indoor seedlings.

I'm still not quite clear, Pete -- is the CRUD still actively spreading? That would be unusual, as you mentioned, since it tends to go away once the plants are outside and growing. I wonder whether it goes away with strict application of daconil, as in applying it "to the letter" while removing the affected parts of the leaves.

As for pulling them... I don't really see any reason to, if they're otherwise growing okay. The risk with fungal leaf diseases is that they may cripple the plant, and possibly splash it onto plants next to them; you're not endangering your whole garden by keeping them. And it might be interesting to see whether they do eventually pull out of it.

Kellogg's Breakfast is the other one I can think of that has a huge problem with CRUD... what is it with the orange ones?


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