White and Yellow Knockout Roses

conniemcgheeMay 19, 2009

...I thought you all might like to have a real-life report on these. They are sort of new this year, so I bit the hook and tried some.

So far, I wouldn't say I'm knocked out. :)

I have one yellow, and about six whites. They are really limping along. The leaves are not looking well at all, and they are not putting on a lot of new growth. Two or three of the whites look like they might do OK, but the rest are downright embarrassing. The yellow is hanging in there, I guess, but not blooming so much. I bought two other yellows for a couple of neighbors, and they promptly bit the dust. Double-embarrassing, after I had bragged about the hardiness of knockouts.

For comparison, I also bought about 15 red double knockouts (to line a fence) at about the same time. These are kicking butt! Got two pinks as well, and they are doing almost as well as the reds.

So, my experience has been: Red and pink = good. Yellow and white = sketchy.


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I have pink and one that is varigated. They are not as disease resistant as the red but bloom earlier for me and grow about as fast. They are not as easy to root as the red ones either. I do still like them and for sure they are easier to deal with than the tea roses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardening tips

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thedaylilykid(z 7)

The 'White Out' Rose is not a knockout from what I understand. From what I hear it gets blackspot, and that's why it is not called a knockout. I think it was bred by the same guy who brought us the Knockouts - Radler.

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I think you're right...I think it's not a true knock out. I was hoping it would at least have some hardy shrub rose characteristics. But so far, not so much!

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I purchased two yellow knock out roses and both of them have an extremely wimpy yellow color at first but turn white almost immediately. Wish I would have known that. I wanted yellow, not white.

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