Knock out roses

helencolbyMay 29, 2010

I have a rather large area that runs along our deck stairs that is about right for 8 or 10 rose bushes. BUT, there is a really large oak tree that shades a good deal of this area, but not really deep shade.. There is plenty of bright light and some morning sun. Would knock out roses do okay under those circumstances?



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madmouser(7 TN)

Don't know about the knockout. I was never real impressed with them, I want fragrance in a rose.
Do some searches for Pemberton Musk Roses.
I love those and grew them under trees in my house in Maryland. They take a good bit of shade and still bloom their heads off. Very fragarant. The roses are small and in clusters but the effect is lovely. The plants throw out large, arching canes that bloom and rebloom. They are incredibly hardy, don't need dead heading, impervious to disease. Have hips in the winter that birds love.
I've very fond of these roses and I'm looking for a place to grow one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some Pemberton musk roses

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I have never grown knockouts in shade, but I'm going to guess they would do OK, just not bloom as prolifically.

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Helen, my name is Patty. I have 20 knockouts surrounding the front of my house, front porch which is high. My roses get full sun but when I lived in Ohio I had several and they got dappled shade. They did awesome. These roses are unbelievably beautiful from spring to winter and the frangrance when you walk out onto my porch is so awesome. You cannot go wrong with these roses. I hope you choose these because you will not be disappointed.

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Madmouser, thanks so much for posting the above link on Musk Roses. I spent over an hour on that site. I needed something beautiful and easy care and chose the knockouts. I am not sorry I planted them at all but I still have the back of my house/yare to "pretty up" as soon as the deck is finished. I will definitely be trying to find the musk roses. Do you have a specific source for them?

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madmouser(7 TN)

I've ordered them from Roses of Yesterday and Today and Antique Rose Emporium.
This was some years ago. I'd check on Dave's Garden Watch to see if those are still good sources or to find other sources.
I loved mine. The smell is amazing.

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We ended up getting 10 KO roses. We chose the darker pink ones because the color is nearly blindingly beautiful.. and will show up nicely in the dappled shade.. On the upper corner of the deck stairs where it turns up toward the front door, I have a white Althea and a Red Althea and they will grow really nice and tall and provide a nice shady place for the dogs to sit out of the sun.. but still on the deck.. instead of under the deck in the dirt. lol

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LOL! If your dogs are like mine, they will still prefer under the deck in the dirt. Dogs just don't appreciate nice landscaping! :-) Good thing they're cute.

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