Tomato leaves curling and twisting and Branches downward curl

cttara7June 3, 2009

Hello I have been reading everyone's posts about there various problems and I was wondering if anyone might know what I have happening.

I have an above ground vegetable planter apprx 2ft above ground with six tomato plants in it, there are 3 planted on each side accross from each other. The ones on the left side of the planter have been displaying curling of the branches down and inward. The new growth appears to be twisted and curled. I also am getting some chlorotic coloration in my bottom leaves and some brown spots (just starting on some of the leaves). They were planted in the 2nd week of may and were healthy looking at the time and within the next 2 weeks began to show the curling signs. I am getting tomatoes on my patio tomato but my early girl and juliette grape tomato look worse. The other tomatoes in my planter are thriving.

I have looked at the leaf curl virus pic's and it doesn't look quite right. I don't think it is a moisture issue I water them well and we are having hot weather. I also don't believe it could be a herbicide problem, I haven't sprayed and the other tomato plants and some of my cukes aren't that far away and aren't showing signs of damage.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great I am not sure what is going on!

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Try the website below. It may help you diagnose your problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Texas A&M tomato problem solver

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My tomato plants were harden off in the sun and were about 6 inches tall when I planted them in the ground. They were fine and were watered very well but after a few days we received a couple of days of rain. The main stem is getting larger but the plants are curling up as if the were rolling into a ball. They are south facing and are receiving full sunlight about 8 hours a day. Are they getting too much sun

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As another poster here told me, that's inconsistency of watering; too little then too much and vice versa. We can't do anything about the rain but check forecasts and if it's going to be raining a lot don't water them, let nature do it. It's hard to get a good regime going because no sooner do I get mine straightened out then it starts again. Trial and error is all we can do. Good luck.

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