Late Blight?? Oh I hope not...

genesis1June 16, 2010

I lost all 25 tomato plants last year to late blight (first year with a garden too, quite a hit). This year I planted fewer plants, spaced them out properly (about 2-3 feet), and did not overfertilize like last year (way too much chicken doo-doo last year). I have also been applying a 70% Neem oil solution every 7 days.

I have aphids and have been spraying them off everyday. I just noticed today, the bottom leaves of several plants (an heirloom Mountain Fresh, Carolina Gold) are turning yellow around the edges. Some of the yellow lesions are now brown rimmed with yellow.

spots pops

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OK it's not Late Blight. Apparentely, some yellowing of the lower leaves is normal. There has been no progression of the problem over the past few days. Late blight would've taken out the whole row by now.

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