cherry tomato problem PICS

achampag(5b)June 7, 2012

First I would like to say thank you to my fellow gardeners who offer help on this forum. You are truly appreciated!

I have 2 cherry tomatoes that came up as volunteers this year in 5 gal buckets. A sweetie red and a supersweet100. They were planted and grew well last year in promix.

I debated whether or not to leave them be, and in the end decided to let mother nature do her thing, because when I reused some of the promix from last years 5 gallon buckets (I busted off chunks and reconstituted the soil, except for the major root balls) I thought the roots left looked minimal and mostly biodegraded from other cherry toms.

But these 2 volunteers are now developing some leaf issues. I fear the roots from last year are rotting?

I use copper fungicide and neem oil. Fish fert.

On one plant I broke off the lower affected leaves, but now the issue seems to be spreading up the plant. The other plant I have left alone so far, so I could get good pics.

I would initially guess over-watering as a possibility, but NONE of my other dozen or so tomatoes seem to be having this problem.

I have cut the watering back though for now, hoping to starve the possible rot. Is there anyway I can save these plants? They are developing fruit well, but at this rate I doubt they will last the season w these leaves going bad. It is not spreading fast however. Thoughts? roots from last year rotting? Or do these new roots not have enough room? Compacted promix? or possible fert deficiency? My others all got Osmocote.

here are pics posted on my twitpic, you can click on pics to get extreme closeups if needed:

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oops, click on "view full size" for extreme closeups =)

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Are you fertilizing? If so what did you use, at what strength and when?

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@jean Since these were volunteers I couldn't mix Osmocote into the soil like I did for the rest of my babies. So I have been using a fish fertilizer as instructed on the package. Do you think it isn't strong enough? I know it has lowish nutrient numbers. Or shall I use more?

The plants are producing fruit, the sweetie red quite a bit.

I hope you're right! That's an easy fix! THANKS!

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