Second plant chopped down due to mystery problem

sklettJune 29, 2011

When the first plant exhibited the strange yellowing and "sticky", almost translucent appearance I just chopped it off and threw it away. Figured it was a fluke and didn't want to worry about it too much. But now I just chopped another one down over 50' away from the first one and I'm now concerned.

It's difficult to explain, but when you look at it it looks like the stem and branches would be sticky or soft but they aren't. I can't see ANY insect pests (go ladybugs!) on them and there is no spotting on the leaves.

Here are some pictures of the one I just pulled:

I appreciate any advice or suggestions you may be able to offer.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Any chance of seeing the entire plant? Or is it truly gone?

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Hi Jean001a,

I'm sorry, but I got the sense this forum wasn't very active so I posted in the reg. tomatoes forum. Now that you've replied I wish I hadn't done that, but it's too late now. A couple of people have replied over there so I will keep that thread alive and post new pictures there. I hope you'll check it out because I uploaded some additional photos.

Here's the other post

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