help!!! first year sfg and i need advice!!!!

ccaggianoAugust 1, 2008

Went to do the hard core, weekly maintenance in the garden tonight. I saw that most of the leaves on my plants had holes. The bugs are having a feast. I've been harvesting veggies daily and this doesn't seem to have an adverse affect on my plants.

My common sense dictates that as long as my plants are okay, producing and not dying, I should just let it be. I really don't care what the bugs are eating as long as it doesn't affect my yield and plants. They seem to be staying away from my veggies and just eating the leaves. And honestly, I am not too crazy with the idea of spraying chemicals on my plants to deter the bugs.

BUT - being that this is my first year, I am wondering if I am opening myself up to more problems in the next two months by not dealing with this now.

To spray or not to spray, that is the question...

Please help!!!

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you go and do the 1/4 cup oil, ivory soap, and put it in a sprayer and spray it on the plants, its all natural, and the oil helps the ivory stick to the plants. the ivory is the bar, shred it and soak it in a gal of water over night. worked great last year. failed to do this year and wish i would of. LOL ohhhh and use the to hose end sprayer. that's all i know. hope that helps you any!! ~Medo

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Yep, soap and oil spray is as good as anything. I've been using it. My first garden, too, and I don't want to use any insecticides, mostly cause I'm a clutz and don't want to accidentally poison myself.

Carolyn P.

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me,cuz they only put on the label what is so much of this and that, HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!! what if its gonna kill my baby's???? i know soap and oil and water won't, LOL i know, i'm a little ( and that's putting it nicely LOL) about the insectisides, but i worry, i think it was the cat collar that threw one of my cats into a seizure for a few hourse, nothing the vet could do, and it was the right age for it. so i freak. LOL ~Medo

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Same thing happened to me yesterday, I was just gonna let it be but maybe I'll try the soap and oil mixture. Whip out my Jerry Baker book(another PBS guy).

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sinfonian(U8b A2 S5 SeaWA)

The live and let live thing is what I did when it was leaves I don't eat. But when it was my spinach with leaf miners, I tried to stop them from taking my harvest. My beans have a few holes in the bottom area but nothing up top. No harm no foul.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinfonian's garden adventure

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